The Dream

I would like to own 50-1000 acres of land, most likely in Tennessee or Georgia near Chattanooga, with a working ranch and farm, fully off grid.

The farm and ranch would be fully self-sufficient with people (staff) working the land, and caring for the animals, exchanging enough value to keep it running without input from me.

The main building will have four bedrooms, a functional "industrial" kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and built from natural materials, mostly wood and stone without any chemicals, plastics or other materials that are harmful to life.

The property will have water rights and a source of water sufficient for all the agricultural and human needs.

The property will have a source of electricity, either solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal that is fully independent of the grid.

I will own the property and hold an Allodial title to the property.

While at this property I will work on building the Great Global Graph, and additional technologies built on top of it, such as a tools for Value Based Exchange, a Build System for physical systems, a new Programming Language, and more.

For more information, you may read about my intentions.