Great Global Graph

Premise and Introduction

As far as I know everything happening in this place we call the Real World can be described in terms of relationships between entities. I am (a man), and I have relationships between all the people I know.

A laptop is a collection of parts that are related to each other in may ways. The display is connected to the main board via a relationship called a cable. It's also connected to the frame via relationship called a hinge. The main board is comprised of many "children" components, such as memory, CPU, power supply etc.

Cities are connected via relationships called roads.

Roads are connected to asphalt via a relationship called "composition".

Many people study the way different relate to each other in a formal, mathematical sense, and call the study graph theory. They define a few terms that I will use below - node - a singular entity - edge - a relationship between two entities - graph - One or more nodes optionally connected with edges

From these words, I coin the term Great Global Graph.

Great mirrors the size and complexity of all of known reality. Global implies the globe, or earth (assuming it is in fact round) Graph means that everything is connected.

The Great Global Graph is the name I give to the interconnectedness of all known reality, made explicit and clear in the memory of computers systems.

As a technology, it is building a computer interface, or machine readable representation of the physical Real World, full of information, agents, interfaces and schemas that serve real human conscious entities living real lives.

If we can describe all knowledge in Machine Readable Language, build computer interfaces for interacting with the Real World, and do so with a spirit of true collaboration, grounded with deep inner work, I see a world without scarcity, where one simply needs to ask (other people), and one will receive, because desires to give and all desires to receive will be matched.

Shaping The Real World

Ultimately I wish to shape the real world to my will, so that I may manifest all that is within my consciousness, and explore all there is to being alive. One way to this may be through a spiritual path, where I learn how to directly control reality with my mind. However, I am not currently living like this. However..

  • I do know how to program computers.
  • I see endless possibilities if people collaborated instead of competed

If I can build a tool that makes it easier for people to collaborate, that makes the interconnectedness of all reality more clear, and easier to interact with, perhaps people will chose to interact with each other as peers, collaborate, and together we can manifest our wildest dreams.

Interacting with the Real World through Computers

People who program computers do so by interacting with certain interfaces. An interface is the boundary between one "world" and another, where there are certain rules, or a certain language that allows you to manipulate the world of another program or computer.

For example, you can ask a computer what the weather is. Many people are familiar with doing so by opening an app, and seeing some pictures and text representing the weather. However, unless you program computers, you are not familiar with what happens within the world of the weather app. Inside this world exist a different language that is used to manipulation information. Some of the words are used to interface with the display on your phone, and some are used to talk to another computer somewhere, and ask it what the weather is like.

If you have a smart lock installed in your own, you may interact with it through another app, which happens with a bridge from the Real World into the digital world of the phone, internet, and then back into the Real World of the smart lock.

In every case, these interactions are happening through the effort of countless different people programming different competing apps, building different competing digital worlds, which each need bridges and interfaces to allow information to flow between them. Each world has its own rules and its own language, and going between them is difficult, often intentionally.

Vendor Lock In

The people running Facebook don't necessarily want you to interact directly with your Friends, but rather want to keep feeding you certain information that keeps you addicted, and shapes your behavior. They would like to suck your attention into the Facebook world, and keep your information locked up inside of it. A lot of people still the Facebook to interact with friends, and maintain real connections by sending information through the Facebook world, because there isn't a bridge between Facebooks digital world and any other. If there was, you could simply move the digital representation of your real relationship to another app, along with your messages.

A common Language, and Shared Digital Realm

If people wish to live in the real world, and use the digital world simply as a means to greater enjoyment and fulfillment in the Real World, it would be a lot easier if there was a single shared digital realm, with a shared base language, where every conscious entity choses their own rules, their own language, and their own means of communication.

The Great Global Graph as a technology can be described as a shared language, and a digital world. The Great Global Graph describes a digital realm where the common language is simply relationships, boundaries, and the flow of information. People can agree or disagree about what shape the information takes, but in all cases, the information is described as a graph, where every node may be related to any other node.

Each entity participating in the graph can make their own rules, and set their own boundaries. They own their own real, and chose with whom, and how to bridge to other entities.

Shared spaces can be built, where two entities agree to certain rules, and publicly state their intention to follow rules on a blockchain. Mechanisms can be built into the digital world so that when conflict arrises, it will become clear to those using the graph what the original agreement was, and which entities chose to violate it. It is important to remember that the digital world has not direct control on the Real World. The only effect it has is when bridges are built by people, so that when changes happen in the digital world, they affect the Real World.

These bridges can be automated, such as a virtual "light switch" that when interacted with virtually, a physical light switch is operated in the Real World.

Bridges can also be implemented by people. For example, someone can place an order for a coffee virtually, and somewhere, someone sees the order on a display, and makes the coffee.

Describing All of the Real World with Computers

If all the knowledge to sculpt reality was accessible in one place And there was a mechanism for anyone to easily ask other people for something of value in return for something of value ...

Maybe then we would see abundance

Some ideas that aren't quite fleshed out - Alternate supply chain Value Based Exchange - "Recipes" for building anything (computer, meal, house, water bottle) Recipes for Reality (Open source everything) - Ignore copyright and patents, or rediscover everything independently - Check out of the existing economy

Brief Technical Overview

In technical terms, the Great Global Graph is a distributed data structure, where each peer stores information locally, structured in a private data structure, and selectively maintains relationships to other private data structures. Agents participating in the graph can constrain mutations on a subset of their data-structure by making Cryptographic Statements on a blockchain.

Applications can be made by describing valid mutations of the data, rather than hiding the business logic behind servers or code. Mutations is also possible without requiring global consensus.

This distributed data structure can be thought of as a digital world, where the rules are defined by the people that participate in it. There is no requirement that there is a single data structure. The technology allows as many isolated data structures to be merged, and to interact with agreed upon rules.

Key Concepts

Core Technologies

This is not transhumanism

I like living in a physical body, and inhabiting the real world. I am not attempting to build a virtual world to disappear into, but rather attempting to use my knowledge of reality and computers to better allow my intentions to sculpt reality.

Computers are simply arrangements of matter that can carry out the will of conscious entities. In and of themselves, computers do not have a a will of their own (as far as i know).