Matrix instructions

I have a Matrix Chat Server is up and running. This is like Telegram or Discord but more private and fully open source. These instructions are for those people I have met face to face and wish to invite to this server. If you'd like to connect with me, but haven't met me face to face, please sign up for a Matrix account at, and then add as a contact.

The server code is running on a server controlled by me on Digital Ocean. The messages in rooms, and between users can be fully end-to-end encrypted, so even if someone hacked my server, they couldn't read messages. It is not as secure as some messaging platforms, but it is hosted privately and less likely to be censored.

Installation Instructions

There are three steps. The first is to install the app, the second to create an account on, and third, sign into the app.

1) Install the app


Element Messenger for iOS


Element Messenger for Android


Matrix Desktop Application

2) Register an Account

Register on

3) Signing Into the Private Server

After you install the app, you'll need to specify a custom homeserver url during the setup phase. Please enter

You can actually use any homeserver, but then you don't get that nice address, and higher levels of privacy.

Test it by sending me a message.

Try to message me (my matrix name is, and I can add you to some of our private chat groups. Do this by clicking on the green +, pressing on “Start Chat”, and then searching for isaac.