Foundation of Law

If you look at the world, the amount of violence performed by "authority figures" in the name of "justice", it makes you wonder what is wrong with this place we call reality?

I like to believe (though I cannot prove), that we live in a "fair" "universe", and that whatever happens to us, we consent to it, even if it happens on a "spiritual level".

In the Matrix Reloaded, the Architect talks about getting people to accept the "program", and accept the artificial reality that is The Matrix.

He arrives at

a solution whereby nearly 99.9% of all tests subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level

If we apply this (fictional?) story as an allegory of our reality, perhaps we did accept to come here, and experience what we experience, and did in fact consent to all the good, and all the bad that befalls us. Perhaps we "signed" "spiritual contracts"?

If there are spiritual contracts, how do we either break them, or complete our part of the bargain? Are there people in places of authority aware of our spiritual contracts?

Is the current system of authority legitimate in any way? Are we any better off than the days of the "divine rule of kings", now that we are invited to "vote" for a "democracy"? Or is this just another gang of thugs tricking us into working for pieces of paper with "Federal Reserve Note" written on them? If we tell the right people that we know this is a scam, and that we don't consent, will anyone respect it? Are the people in authority even aware it is wrong?

How is anything like war morally okay? Do the rulers of the world, and the men and women leading us into war, robbing us of the fruits of our labor, and threatening us with violence follow any moral code? Did we consent to their rule somehow, either by signing certain papers, or acting in some way?

Can any of the physical reality be "owned" by any conscious entity? Physical reality shows no evidence of ownership, which appears to be a whole imaginary construct, and yet one we give a lot of power to this idea.

I see no reason why I my not:

  • travel freely across "borders",
  • exchange value with other people without being robbed (taxes)
  • Grow any plant, and do anything with it (some plants are labelled controlled substances)
  • Build structures without following 'building codes'
  • Build and use any machine (gun laws, and regulations in general)

What I am not looking for is get out of jail free cards, or magical sovereign paperwork that makes me free (from fear and coercion). I have obsessed over these things for a while, and know down deep in my bones, the only real way to a world free from fear and coercion is to Do Inner work and share, so that one day all people will naturally live in harmony. Hoping to carve out a little bubble of safety with magical papers misses the whole point, which is in order to interact and work together in harmony, we need to interact and work together in harmony, not wave magic wands at each other.